Action Powder Applicators (APA) has a facility for small one off jobs to continuous production line jobs. Our stand alone ovens are able to cater for various items that have specific or special needs. Whereas our automated production line has a capacity to meet major large scale projects with an excellent rate of output.

Powder coating technology used at APA is based on dry powder application. The powder is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and polymeric resin, which is sprayed electrostatically onto a specially prepared surface to be further heated in a curing oven. The particles then flow and fuse into a very strong, adhering coating. The result is a high quality coating with an attractive finish and excellent durability.

Our logistic management allows us to provide value add services to our clients through our warehouse facility. We understand that our customers will have, from time to time, a need for extra space, as the project levels fluctuate. An opportunity arrises for them to use our warehousing space to manage this logistics nightmare with the powder coated products that we complete. Furthermore, once ready we will securely store your product for just in time delivery as the space is made available at your plant. We provide service to meet your needs.